Veterans for Biden was founded by U.S. military veterans who want Joe Biden to be the next President of the United States. 


Why Joe Biden?

In winter 2018, former vice president Joe Biden was photographed giving a homeless veteran money at a Georgetown movie theater, where he had taken his grandchildren to watch a movie. The photo, which was taken covertly from the lobby the movie theater, shows Biden alone on the theater steps with the homeless veteran, clearly unaware his good deed was being captured on film.

Joe Biden's charitable act represented the very best of American values and underscored his unwavering character. After all, it's easy to do the right thing when people are watching; it's another to do so when you think no one is. But that's exactly what Joe Biden did when he quietly stepped outside to help a veteran in need. We believe this is exactly the kind of person who belongs in the Oval Office. 

And that's why we created Veterans for Joe Biden, a group comprised of veterans who are dedicated to electing Joe Biden for President in 2020.   

 Former Vice President Joe Biden gives a homeless veteran money in Washington, DC.   Photo Credit: Paul Equale

 Former Vice President Joe Biden gives a homeless veteran money in Washington, DC.  
Photo Credit: Paul Equale


"For the world to follow, we must do more than rattle our sabers and demand allegienace to our vision simply because we believe we are right. We must provide a reason for others to aspire to that vision. And that reason must come with more than the repetition of a bumper-sticker phrase about freedom and democracy. It must come with more than the restatement of failed policy. It must come with the wisdom to admit when we are wrong and resolve to change course and get it right."

— Joe Biden


About Joe Biden

Joe Biden was the 47th vice president of the United States under President Barack Obama.  Previously, Joe Biden was a U.S. senator for the State of Delaware. Having served 36 years in the Senate, Joe Biden is the longest-serving senator in Delaware's history and, elected at 29 years of age, was the fifth-youngest senator to be to be elected in U.S. history. 

During his over four decades of public service, Joe Biden has tirelessly fought for our nation's veterans and military.  Click here to view an unofficial biography of Joe Biden.